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Honestly, I LOVE free wallpapers. It's one of the things that I get so excited about when my favorite business or illustrators share their artwork or a special design to be used as wallpapers for a computer or phone. 

It's a fun way to freshen up your electronics every month and, in my case, spread a little love and encouragement your way.  Be sure to check back here every month for the next installment of desktop and phone wallpapers!

Click on the image to download for a monthly dose of inspiration!



APRIL 2020

Desktop Wallpaper

April 2020 Desktop Wallpaper.png
April 2020 Desktop Wallpaper - Calendar.

Phone Wallpaper

April 2020 Phone Wallpaper.png
April 2020 Phone Wallpaper B.png

MARCH 2020

Desktop Wallpaper

March 2020 Desktop Wallpaper.png
March 2020 Calendar Desktop

Phone Wallpaper

March 2020 Phone Wallpaper.png
March 2020 Calendar Phone Wallpaper.png
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